Astrology and Horoscope

What is astrology?

Astrology is the study of the cycles of the Sun, Moon and planets and how these relate to human affairs. The Sun, Moon, planets and stars over the centuries have become symbols and astrology is the art of interpreting the language of these images, applying their meanings to everyday life.

Most people know that the Moon orbits the Earth and that the Earth and planets orbit the Sun. To us on Earth, however, it looks as if the Sun, Moon and planets orbit roughly the same plane in the sky. Astrologers use the birth chart or horoscope for character analysis, looking at relationships, choosing the right moment and forecasting. The birth chart is a map of the Sun, Moon and planets, as seen from the Earth, at the date, time and place of birth. The birth chart is unique to each individual.

Astrology and Personal Development

If you like the language of symbols, astrology can be an excellent psychological tool for self understanding at a very profound level. The birth chart reveals our strengths and weaknesses. It can reveal much about childhood and how this has affected our lives up to the present. It can throw light on repeating behaviour patterns, or on repeating events which seem to occur. Understanding our motivations, beliefs and responses to different situations can help us alter and adapt our behaviour if we think it is appropriate.

The symbols and meanings of the Sun, Moon and planets can be seen as sub-personalities making up one whole. Some sub-personalities struggle to get along together creating drive and challenges to be overcome. Others harmonise and get on well together. Often we do not ‘use’ all of the birth chart. There may be parts of it which seem to be expressed through other people or events. We may have unexpressed talents or abilities, or there may be issues which touch our lives, which we do not understand and for which we have no language. Astrology can help us see the way ahead.

Astrology and Forecasting – Fate and Freewill

Are our lives determined by fate or do we have free will? Belief in fate, that whatever we do will make no difference, takes away personal freedom and responsibility. Astrologers work with symbols as shown by the Sun, Moon and planets and Zodiac signs. Symbols have a core essence or meaning, but can be expressed in many different ways. Symbols do not lay themselves open to specific predictions by their very nature. It is not possible to describe exactly how we will express ‘astrological energies’ coming our way.

While the birth chart is a snap shot in time of the heavenly bodies, the planets continue to orbit the Sun and the Moon continues to orbit the Earth. Current solar, lunar and planetary cycles are used when forecasting as well as more symbolic directions. The positions of the Sun, Moon and planets at any one time are related to their positions at birth. We can choose how we work with easy flowing energies and times and how we deal with challenging periods and often we can have an influence on the outcome as a result.

Some of these energies, which occur from time to time, are very personal to us, while yet others are common to certain age groups. My approach to forecasting is to give an explanation on how they can work on an inner and outer level. Sometimes the energies may be experienced as feelings and inner images, while at other times they can be expressed as outer events and new developments. These energies can be used as a guide for living.

The Signs of The Zodiac And  Horoscopes

Zodiac signs are sections of the sky. From the earth’s point of view, the Sun, Moon, and planets lie in a circle known in astronomy as the ecliptic plane. The 360 degrees of the circle of this plane are divided into 12 equal sections of 30 degrees. Each 30 degree section is a zodiac sign. The twelve signs of the zodiac, also known as ‘Sun signs’ are associated with four elements: fire, earth, air and water and three modalities: cardinal, fixed and mutable.

Your ‘sun sign’ indicates which sector the Sun was in at the time of your birth. The Sun rules will power and ego. This is one of the most important parts of an astrology natal ‘birth’ chart because it represents your very essence, what makes you happiest, how you can achieve success. It is who you are and what you are about.

There are so many other factors in an astrological chart which can modify your Sun signs energy. By getting an astrology birth chart done, you can begin to understand why you are more than just a typical representative of your zodiac ‘sun’ sign.

Zodiac Signs 2015 Horoscopes

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Astrology and Relationships

Astrology can help us understand other people we are closely involved with and relationships of all kinds can be covered: relationships with partners, husbands/wives, parents, children, work colleagues, business partners and friends. Both personal and professional relationships can be looked at. From the two birth charts, astrology can give an insight into the dynamics of the relationship.

What we are seeking in a relationship is a story which is told when an astrologer looks at the charts of the people concerned. Are we at ease with each other? Do our temperaments sometimes clash? Do we even speak the same language? How do we survive challenging periods? Recognising our differences we can learn to be more understanding and tolerant, finding ways to ease strain and tension.